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Pacific Ridge


Project: Carmel Pacific Ridge
Location: San Diego, CA
Architect: MVE & Partners, Inc.
Architect: EPT Design
Color & Finish: S156 / Sandblast @ Building
Color & Finish:  S157 / Sandwash @ Planter Walls

Carmel Pacific Ridge is San Diego’s premier apartment community, with a resort-style experience and a hilltop location that offers panoramic views spanning from Mission Valley to Riverwalk Golf Course to San Diego Bay and the Pacific.

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Project: Capriana Oakmont Signature Living
Location: Brea, CA
Color & Finish: Laredo / Smooth

Capriana is an exclusive Oakmont Senior Living Community located in Brea, California. Its namesake, Capriana, Italy, is a small village located on a natural terrace in the mountains of the province of Trento, in Northeastern Italy. Inspired by the beauty and intimate sense of community of its Italian counterpart, Capriana is designed to take advantage of the temperate climate and sweeping views of its Southern California location in the foothills of Northern Orange County.

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Cal Baptist University (CBU)


Project: Cal Baptist University, Lancer Plaza Renovation
Location: Riverside, CA
Architect: JCJ Architecture
Color & Finish: S201 / Sandwash

California Baptist University’s Lancer Plaza North opened fall of 2014 with a brand new look. Before CBU acquired the 11-acre property in 2006, restaurants and retail stores occupied the shopping center that was known as Adams Plaza. Today, as an integral new part of the CBU campus, the facility offers space for university offices, student areas and a popular new dining facility.


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St. John Fisher


Project: Saint John Fisher Church
Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Architect: Hyndman & Hyndman Architecture
Color & Finish: Laredo / Sandwash

A blend of unique architecture and custom precast completed this elaborate church. Together Hyndman Architects and the creative minds at Valori Precast worked together to complete this beautiful project. The elegant curves and shapes of the building, complimented with Valori’s precast is a sight to see.  St. John Fisher Church is a true architectural gem  with style and quality that will last for generations.



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Custom Projects


Project: A compilation of various Custom Projects.
Location: Southern California
Architect: Various Architects
Color & Finish: Varies

A small compilation from various projects that required custom pieces. Here you will see a few examples of Valori’s capabilities when it comes to custom architectural style and quality. From fireplace surrounds to custom fountain trim we make it all. Anything you can think of we can make,  from boring to brilliant.


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